End The R-Word

People First Canada has created a LANGUAGE PRESENTATION for presentation to grade seven classes across the country. Our provincial chapters will be presenting this in each of their provinces and territories to grade seven classes as this is the year students learn about Civic Rights. The Language Presentation is presented by a self advocate ( a citizen who has been labelled with an intellectual disability) in the classroom. This presentation will align the civil rights of persons with intellectual disabilities with all other Canadian citizens. It is also the national campaign to get rid of the “R” word. This will be a powerful tool to help minimize discrimination, prejudice and bullying and help create awareness and inclusion.

Nova Scotia plans to provide this presentation to schools that are interested in having it presented. For more information please contact: Cindy Carruthers at pfns2014@gmail.com or call toll free 1-877-454-3860.




Here are some videos that show why we shouldn’t use the R-Word:

This wikiHow article  describes how someone can stop using the R word:


Please visit  The R-Word: Spread The Word To End The Word  to take the pledge!