PEOPLE FIRST NOVA SCOTIA hosted their 27TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE AND AGM on April 30th and May 1 in Windsor NS.

The new Executive for PFNS is:    DAVE KENT – President

ALAN HARRIS -Vice President

DONNA SPARKS – Treasurer


DONNA MURPHY – past President

Congratulations to the New Executive!

There were about 70 delegates at the Conference and they enjoyed sessions on “Friendship”. There was a Banquet, Dance and Silent Auction on Saturday evening. The Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday and the new Executive met with the Board at their first Board meeting immediately after the AGM.






People First Nova Scotia had a successful 26th Annual Conference and AGM , hosted by the Truro chapter, on May 22, 23 and 24th. THe Conference was held at the Best Western Glengarry and the Truro Fire Hall. The Theme for the event was ” Respect – the New “R” Word!”

The Truro group hosted a Meet and Greet at the Best Western on Friday night. The Conference sessions were held at the Truro Fire Hall on Saturday. Four members from Truro, Jeannie Whidden, Jolene MacKenzie, Dave Kent and Heather MacKenzie, presented the “Importance of Language Presentation”  to the delegates. This is the National presentation, being shown in every province and territory across Canada to grade sevens. It aligns the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities with everyone else and is also the National campaign to eradicate the “R” word. The presentation was well received and generated lots of great conversation!

Kim Aker, Executive Director of Hants County CAN, hosted a session called  ” Respecting Others in a Volunteer Organization”. She had everyone fill out a hand with their name on it and they were added to our RESPECT TREE, now displayed on the wall at our provincial office.

Lenore Zann presented a session called, “Cyber Bullying” and had the group singing, chatting and participating. The presentation was well received and the group enjoyed Lenore’s session.

Wendy Robichaud, the Mayor of Stewiacke, joined the group at the banquet that evening and expressed welcomes on behalf of her town, as well as the County and Truro. She also assisted with presenting the chapter advisors with Certificates of appreciation.

Keynote speaker was John Cox. He did a presentation on a component of his national project from last year,      ” Getting Included: How Labelled Individuals Have Impacted Inclusion”. We also had a great speech by Nichelle Benn, telling us of her successes since she left the Quest institution in December and her criminal charges were dropped in March.

The evening included a Silent Auction and great dance!

The 26th Annual AGM was held at the Best Western on Sunday morning. Much discussion about the future , with the government funding cuts. There was also lots of discussion about where to host the AGM next year. Several groups plan to send in proposals and the Board will approve the location at its next meeting in the fall.









Below is a link to a CBC radio interview with Tracey Willams, CEO of the Human Rights Commission, as she expresses her concerns about the Minister of Education’s report. The interview is from 1:00 to 6:00 – please have a listen.…/school-segregation-family-dinners-isis…/

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People First Canada has created a LANGUAGE PRESENTATION for schools. Our provincial chapters will be presenting this in each of their provinces and territories to grade seven classes as this is the year students learn about Civic Rights. The Language Presentation is presented by a self advocate ( a citizen who has been labelled with an intellectual disability) in the classroom. This presentation will align the civil rights of persons with intellectual disabilities with all other Canadian citizens. It is also the national campaign to get rid of the “R” word. This will be a powerful tool to help minimize discrimination, prejudice and bullying and help create awareness and inclusion.

Nova Scotia plans to provide this presentation to schools that are interested in having it presented. For more information please contact: Cindy Carruthers at or call toll free 1-877-454-3860.

Invitation to viewing of the Freedom Tour Nova Scotia @ Acadia University

PFNS RRADC Film Invitation

Institution Watch  (Fall 2014 issue)

Volume 8 – Issue 2 – 2014

PFNS Board Meeting – October 25th, 2014 at Super Eight, Windsor, NS

PFNS FREEDOM TOUR  -Public Viewings of the Freedom Tour across Nova Scotia;

Premier viewing – OXFORD THEATRE, Oxford ST. Halifax                                                                                                               September 27th at 12:00 noon                                                                                                                                                                                                  ALL WELCOME -Donations greatly accepted!

LANGUAGE PRESENTATIONS -Presentation developed by People First Canada – will be presented to Grade seven classes across Nova Scotia and all provinces and territories.  This is being presented to grade seven classes as that is the school year that the students learn about civil rights. This presentation is about civil rights for persons with intellectual disabilities and getting rid of the “R” word!    Dates and locations to be announced.

Pictures from the 2013 Annual General Meeting in Yarmouth


AGM 2008