Kings County

Kimberly Smith's photo.

People First Kings County members elected a new executive and adviser on Monday, April 27. Their new President is Tammy MacMillan, Vice President, John MacMillan, Secretary, Amy Rodrigues, and Treasurer, Tammy Hiltz. Back row (left to right): Don Schofield, Evan Hiltz, Devin MacLeod, Stephen Parkin, Tammy Hiltz, Tammy MacMillan, John MacMillan. Front Row (left to right): Angie Henshaw, Susan Piel, Eva Kerr, Augusta Schnare, Judy Wile, and new Adviser, Claude Desjardins.



President: Tammy McMillan
Vice President: John McMillan
Treasurer: Tammy Hiltz
Secretary: Amy Rodriques
Advisor: Claude Dejardins

Meeting time and location: Fourth Monday of every month at 7pm in the Louis Millet Community Complex, Room 119. New members welcome.

For more information contact: Tammy Hiltz at 678-1458 or the main office at 1-877-454-3860